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She has led in nine of the last 10 public polls, and her lead appears to be growing.

On average, she's now ahead by about four points in polling averages of the state. As we've previously noted, Mormon antipathy to Trump has contributed to making Arizona a battleground state. Clinton isn't likely to win Utah -- no Democrat has in a presidential race since 1964.

If you do not reregister to vote, you may need to vote a Provisional Ballot at the polls, which may increase the time it takes to vote.

Back To Top Registering to vote requires you to fill out a Nebraska Voter Registration Application.

3pm update GMT: Geert Wilders’ brother has warned the nationalist’s defeat could spark violence and chaos on the streets of the Netherlands.

Premier Stephen Mc Neil recently received star treatment in an aircraft hangar at Halifax Stanfield International Airport, despite the fact it was a major federal announcement.

Eurosceptic Timo Soini says the smaller-than-expected gains for Mr Wilders shows a party must have a broad agenda to success.

He said: "It shows how far a party with a narrow agenda can reach in an election...

But polls indicate that Evan Mc Mullin, a former congressional staff member and CIA operative who is a graduate of Brigham Young University, could win there.

If so, he'd be the first third-party candidate to win a state since George Wallace in 1968.

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