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Conquering this province becomes now much more attractive.

I'm also crashing - as Takeda I end my 7th turn in the Sengoku campaign, and as the AI symbols go past on the top of the screen and reach "Date" it crashed.

The Hojo are in the process of attacking Mushashi as well if that has any relevance. My Fots(Boshin) campaign didnt crash for around 2 years ingame time , if it helps.

But it did randomly crash durring a custom naval battle, tryed the same battle latter and didnt encounter the same crash.

the first ten degrees of each sign are cardinal in nature; the second, fixed; the third mutable.

Aries begins with Aries and Pisces ends with Pisces. 3) "Further examination of the Manilius pattern reveals that cardinal and mutable signs contain a ruler which is conjunct or opposite the sign itself, while fixed signs contain a decanate ruler in square aspect to the sign ruler.

(Note: the following Table is presented in response to a request from an AW member and is intended only as an item of general information) THE MANILIUS DECANS ARIES 0 - = Aries 10 - = Taurus 20 - = Gemini TAURUS 0 - = Cancer 10 - = Leo 20 - = Virgo GEMINI 0 - = Libra 10 - = Scorpio 20 - = Sagittarius CANCER 0 - = Capricorn 10 - = Aquarius 20 - = Pisces LEO 0 - = Aries 10 - = Taurus 20 - = Gemini VIRGO 0 - = Cancer 10 - = Leo 20 - = Virgo LIBRA 0 - = Libra 10 - = Scorpio 20 - = Sagittarius SCORPIO 0 - = Capricorn 10 - = Aquarius 20 - = Pisces SAGITTARIUS 0 - = Aries 10 - = Taurus 20 - = Gemini CAPRICORN 0 - = Cancer 10 - = Leo 20 - = Virgo AQUARIUS 0 - = Libra 10 - = Scorpio 20 - = Sagittarius PISCES 0 - = Capricorn 10 - = Aquarius 20 - = Pisces Looks like someone beat me to it.

At any rate, here's the rest of what I was going to post: There are a few systems of Decanates, and the one system I've seen used so far is called "The Oriental System of Decanates from the Church of Light Lessons".

Further, my surmise was that it would not just do the job, but actually be considerably better than the AD&D 2e version given the depth of the 4e hazard and trap system and the Skill Resolution framework's ability to actually mechanically handle functional (i) parlaying with the Kobold tribes, (ii) setting up an effective double cross between them and (ii3) Exploration challenges of the Dwarven Citadel and assuming control of the tech for the PC's own ends.

Fixed signs of the zodiac provide the most rigid structure and the most stable condition; square aspects cause the most rigid tests and obstacles to overcome. "The Manilius system gives rulership of the first decanate to a cardinal sign, the second to a fixed, and the third to a mutable.

Each sign has one decanate ruler which is of its own element...

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